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Risk Warning

High Risk Investment

Forex margin trading might not suitable for every investor as it involves high risk investment. Please make sure your investment target, financial statement as well as trading needs and experience before you choose the forex or other products provided by AMEFX. Do not engage in investsment action if you cannot bear the possibility of loss. All information in this website will be for reference only, investor will need to make investment decision independently and proactively.

Margin Trading Risk Assessment

Margin trading involves potential of both interest and loss, that is to say the leverage effect comes advantage and disadvantage, while disadvantage might occurs of losing all the investing capital. AMEFX is a financial organization under the supervision of (U.S) National Forex Association, who will follow the NFA rules to disclose the risk of margin trading strictly.

Market Information Risk Assessment

All veiws, news, researches, analysis, price and other information will be provided as general market insight only, not for any investment suggestion and cannot guarantee its accuracy in anyway. AME FX will not be responsible for the loss caused by any wrong, delay, unsure or missing information through internet or verbally.

Internet Trading Risk Assessment

Internet trading risks includes but not limited to hardware, software and internet connecting error, as well as any other force majeure(e.g. severe weather, act of God, war, strikes and power supply failure). We cannot and unable to be responsible for any communication delay and failures during internet trading as AME FX is incapable of controlling your devices, signals and internet access. AME FX will try our best to avoid system error while investor can also make use of telephone transaction under specific circumstances.