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AEMFX offers a stable and win-win collaborate plan for brokers, also AEMFX aims to serve and enhance the brokers with their long term development as well as its professional ability to enlarge market share. Apart from the brokers themselves, AEMFX provides various international financial investment tools and support them with experts in specializes filed. AEMFX continually carries the ideas of internationalize strategy and sustainable development, in order to meet up what the brokers‘ initial needs and interest, and provide brokers with flexible collaborate plans, product mix, trading mechanism and client support, assist brokers to expand their market share and profit.
  • Constantly Market Exploring and Training Support

  • Diversified Marketing Promotion Functions

  • Continues Business Training and Guidance

  • 24 Hours Consultancy Services

Cooperation Procedure

Simple way to get in touch with us

  • Market introduction, analysis and investigation
    before cooperation
    Introduction and analysis of marker prospect
    Operation achievement and forecasting profit income

  • Initial training service during early partnership
    Introducing the history and advantage of AMEFX
    Provide tutorial of advance smart operating system to brokers
    Briefing of what business does AMEfx involve in or can be provided
    Consult and determine marketing plan for brokers

  • Partnership agreement
    Agree to sign independent broker agreement mutually (IBA)
    Professional business training for brokers
    Prepare marketing strategy and draft initial proposal