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Reliable spread data

As your trustworthy dealer, we provide completely reliable spread data information, which is objective, assured and reliable. You may usually refer to “Average Spread” get to know most possible spread, or according to “ Real-time Spread” to get actual spread quotation.

  • The universality and stability can be revealed from the median of spread in one month, which is the most common way of getting spread references. For example, the average spread between EUR/USD is 2.0, that is to say you might have 50% chances to get spread lower or higher than 2.0.

  • The spread you have seen is exactly what our client is having now. We should be the only one dealer in the industry who can provide 100% real-time and completely opened spread.

Company with extensives capabilities

We can constantly and stably provide world class quotation and make sure supply chain with vendors because of our powerful capabilities and financial health of the company, in order to offer best quotation and continuously competitive spread.

Quotation and technology support

AMEFX sets a minimum spread for every trading products through advanced quotation technology, which enable the competitive quotation to our customers.

Follow up and assist by professional specialist

Withdraw specialist of AMEFX will assist you to complete each withdraw application through email, phone call and mobile message etc.

Capital safety

AMEFX has been served with over hundreds of thousands traders in the world, we always practicing with highest standard on management, financial reports and disclosures. Every capital of each AMEFX’s individual client is totally separated with capital of the company itself, and the captotal will be well saved in top banks in the world. Also we will establish trust fund with each bank to make sure the client’s properties will be separated with the banks’, which will not be invested by the banks.

  • Highly regulate

    AMEFX trading platform is athourized and regulated by National Futures Association of United States of America (NFA), NFA financial service license no. 0511885

  • Strict review to guarantee safety

    To guarantee the safety of your properties and make sure it can be totally refundable, we will have strict financial review for process every withdraw.

  • Quick and safe withdraw

    We are extremely aware that withdraw means important for our clients, we will dedicated to provide you the most safe and highly efficient withdraw user experiences.