Hotline:+852 5513 1864
  • 1. How to be a client of AME FX ?

    Please kindly leave your contact info, we will have our customer service manger to get in touch with in one working day.

  • 2. What kinds of trading product and transaction does AME FX provides?

    AME FX is dedicated to serve clients and financial organizations with variety of financial products including its derivatives, i.e. Forex, Previous metal, Energy as well as other and up to 36 kinds of CFD products on our trading platform. There are two trading type AME FX which is STP and ECN.

  • 3. Top up transaction time of AME FX?

    After you successfully top up your funds from your e-banking, it takes one working to transfer to your trading account, please wait patiently and free free to contact us for any enquiry.

  • 4. Withdraw transaction time of AME FX?

    It takes 1 to 3 working days for our professionals to review and arrange funds transfer to your account after you submit a withdraw request, please be reminded to check your account. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry at 400-161-7977

  • 5. How AME FX can be properly supervised?

    the headquarter of AME FX is in the United States, which is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) of America, reference no. 0511885

  • 6.What is the swaps rate in AME FX

    Swaps rate is required by MT4, please select the product you would like to check on trading platform, and click on the right buttom of your mouse for checking the product details.

  • 7.What is the Liquidity Provider.of AME FX

    We are connected to five banks, which are Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Saxo Bank.

  • 8.What is the spread rate at AME FX?

    Average spread rate is adapted by AME FX which means the median spread rate in one month, it is the most reliable spread rate reference you can refer to as it shows the universality and stability of the quote.

  • 9.Does AME FX accept bank wire transfer?

    We also accept funds deposit by bank wire transfer, please email your bank wire transfer slip to our customer service real after you transfer your funds to our transfer account, after we receiving your funds we will deposit to your trading account.

  • 10.What is the Telegraphic Transfer info of AME FX?

    (1)Receiver name:AME GLOBAL LIMITED

    (2)Country or District of receiver:Hong Kong SAR

    (3)Currency :US Dollars

    (4)Bank account no.:41420802

    (5)Bank swift code:CITIHKAX

We have the most professional customer services team provides 24/5 support in 14 major languages across the world.

Customer Support

AMEFX provides 24/5 professional customer service hotline:

 +852 5513 1864
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